Check Out Some of the Most Unique Treehouses in the World

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most unique treehouse in the world

Treehouses have certainly come a long way from planks haphazardly nailed to a few branches. Many of today’s treehouses are so livable that they could be a year-round dwelling, complete with all of the comforts and amenities you could want in a home. 

In fact, many treehouses today do function as homes, as well as luxury retreats, remote offices, and guest houses. And once you see just how amazing the following modern treehouses are, it will be easy to understand why. 

The Treehouse

unique treehouse the treehouse in belgium

Aptly named, The Treehouse was built by German firm Baumraum in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium. The eco-friendly structure features a C02 neutral system for heating and cooling, as well as LED lights on motion and daylight sensors to minimize energy waste. The structure was designed to function as a meeting place for all kinds of companies to gather and discuss more sustainable practices. 

The Mirrorcube

unique treehouses the mirrorcube treehouse

Treehotel is an innovative resort in Swedish Lapland that offers six unique treehouses that anyone can book, but The Mirrorcube shines among them, quite literally. The cube is surrounded by mirrors, giving it an almost invisible appearance as it reflects its scenic surroundings. It also features a double bed, toilet, and sustainable water system, so it’s as comfortable as it is visually compelling. 

The Treehouse at Post Ranch Inn

unique treehouses the treehouse at post ranch inn

Nestled high in the treetops of Big Sur, this sleek treehouse hosted by the Post Ranch inn offers the ultimate in treehouse luxury. Should you decide to book a stay here, you’ll get to enjoy amenities like a walk-in shower, wood-burning fireplace, and king-sized bed with an organic mattress and linens, all from within the confines of a stunning treetop nest that you won’t soon forget.

Tokyo Treehouse

unique treehouses the tokyo treehouse

This treehouse is one of over 120 treehouses designed by the collective known as Treehouse People, based in Japan. Helmed by Takashi Kobayashi, the collective specializes in uniquely sustainable treehouse design, with the one you see pictured here composed of recycled wood shingles. Even better, the collective teaches other people how to build similar structures, so if you ever find yourself in Tokyo, you, too, can learn to become a treehouse designer. 

The HemLoft

unique treehouses the hemloft treehouseSource:

Single-handedly built by a software developer turned carpenter in Whistler, Canada, the HemLoft is an egg-shaped structure surrounded by towering hemlocks. The treehouse was built in secret on crown land, so the person who built it, Joel Allen, doesn’t technically own it. Allen was able to keep it a secret for three years, but once he finished the project, he felt compelled to share it, so being that he’s not the owner, the fate of the HemLoft remains unknown. 

Banyan Drive Treehouse

unique treehouses the banyan drive treehouse

The Banyan Drive Treehouse was designed by Rockefeller Kempel in Los Angeles. Created as a studio/office space for an LA-based artist, the treehouse features deep-oiled wood siding, a Rheinzink roof, and mahogany windows. It also features plenty of windows, allowing for abundant natural light to wash through the space. 

The Snake Houses

unique treehouses the snake houses portugal

Located in Portugal, the Snake Houses were designed by Tiago and Luis Rebelo de Andrade. The series of houses are composed of slate and wood, and their absence of any right angles give them the appearance of a snake slithering through the trees. Though small, they’re deceptively spacious, featuring a bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, and kitchen. 

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