The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Cabin

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Well, we’ve finally made it to Spring, which means it’s prime time to get your cabin in tip top shape for the new season. However, the thought of Spring cleaning can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you haven’t visited your cabin in a while. But starting with a basic list of what needs to be done can do a lot to alleviate that overwhelm and make it easier to get your cabin in order.  

Whether you rent out your cabin to visitors or you use it exclusively as a family retreat, the following list will ensure your cabin is sparkling clean for all the fun that awaits.

Start From the Ceiling

Cleaning the ceiling, ceiling fans, and tops of windows will cause dust to fall, so you should dust these areas first so you don’t have to clean everything beneath them a second time. And before you start, make sure to take down any curtains and other window treatments so you don’t add more dust to them while you’re cleaning other areas. 

log cabin interior bedroom with breakfast tray

Work on the Wall and Windows

Once you’ve dusted the upper areas, it’s time to deep clean the windows and walls. Make sure to get cleaning solutions designed for whatever material they’re being used on. For instance, wood walls will call for different solutions than drywall and glass. And when you’re wiping everything down, pay close attention to areas around chairs and other pieces of furniture as they can leave marks on the walls. This is also a good time to give the window treatments you took down a good wash. 

Give Love to the Vents

When it comes to cleaning, the devil’s in the details, and a grimy vent will most definitely detract from all your hard work. It will also cause any renters to lose confidence in just how clean the space is, which can lead to bad reviews. Remove all of the vent covers and clean any dust on the grates. You should also consider replacing any dirty filters at this time. 

interior log cabin kitchen

Clean Cabinets and Drawers

Next, remove everything from cabinets and drawers and give the insides a good wipe down. Pay extra close attention to kitchen cabinets and drawers as they typically get a lot of traction and, of course, store items that you’ll eat off of. If you come across any items that you forgot you had or you no longer use, consider donating them to declutter the space and make room for new items. 

Move Appliances

Once you’ve cleaned the cabinets and drawers, move around big appliances and remove any dirt and debris that’s been hiding behind them. After you do that, give all of the appliances a good scrub down, especially the ones in the kitchen. And take time to run the oven’s cleaning cycle to get rid of any leftover cooking debris. 

Tackle the Bathrooms

There’s nothing too fun or glamorous about bathroom cleaning, but it must be done. Give the toilets a scrub, wipe down the mirrors, and clean any soap scum off the shower and tub. And if you have renters coming in, make sure you have fresh bathroom supplies for them, like toilet paper, towels, and bath products. 

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Mop the Floors

The last step for your interior cleaning should be mopping or vacuuming and steam cleaning the floors, depending on the surfaces you’re working with. And make sure to use solutions that are designed for that surface to prevent any staining. 

Polish Up the Exterior

Your cabin’s interior isn’t that only area that can benefit from a thorough cleaning. After sitting out in the wilderness for months, Mother Nature can take her toll on your cabin’s outward appearance. But aesthetics aren’t the only reason to clean up—dirt, mold, mildew, and pollen can shorten the life of wood finishes, so it’s never a bad idea to give your cabin and its decks and patios a good pressure wash. A little time spent weeding and clearing out dead vegetation can work wonders for its overall appearance too. 


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