These Misty Mountainside Cabins Are Unlike Any Other

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Hubei China Mountain and Cloud Cabins

Nestled among mountainside trees in the Yichang, Hubei province in China sits a collection of 18 mirrored cabins designed by architecture studios Wiki World and +Advanced Architecture Lab. The collection of cabins, aptly dubbed Mountain and Cloud Cabins, is meant to cater to the tourists visiting the region. Each of the cabins functions as its own hotel room, surrounded by a variety of communal buildings that serve as amenities like a swimming pool and cafe. 


hubei china mountain and cloud cabins aerial view

The architecture studios designed several types of cabins for the collection. According to Wiki World, “The cabins are bridges in the valleys, spaceships in the woods, viewfinders in the tea fields, and stacked buildings on the hillside.”


mountain and cloud cabin mirror exterior

The “bridge" cabins span 14 meters and sit above the tea fields, while the “spaceships” are set even higher up on the mountain slopes, featuring pointed forms that give them a highly futuristic appearance. 

mountain and cloud cabins window exterior

Meanwhile, the cabins down below in the tea fields, called T and Y cabins after the shape of their design, feature what Wiki World describes as a viewfinder layout, composed of soaring picture windows intentionally oriented to provide the best views of the valley beneath them. 


hubei china mountain and cloud cabins balcony

Each cabin in the collection is prefabricated and can be assembled in just one day. They’re also all designed with the environment in mind, featuring a foundation of umbrella-like columns that minimize damage to the environment.  


china mountain and cloud cabins interior view

The elegantly simple interiors are outfitted in a pared-back, Scandinavian-inspired style, with abundant blonde wood, as well as cozy fireplaces in some instances. The exteriors are also minimal, composed of an irregular mix of wood and mirrors that help the cabins blend into their environment. 

Cabin hotels are becoming increasingly popular in China, with the country significantly investing into attracting domestic tourism. And given the innovative design of this 18-cabin collective, it definitely seems to be money well spent. 

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