This Cabin is a Bibliophile’s Dream Come True

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exterior of the bookworm cabin in poland


Aptly dubbed The Bookworm Cabin, this unique Polish cabin was built by architect Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk and entrepreneur Bartlomiej Kraciukand as a personal retreat for the bookish pair. However, the couple also offers it up for rent during various points throughout the year, making it the perfect getaway for anyone who could use some more rest, reading, and relaxation in their lives. 


interior of the bookworm cabin in poland


The 377-square-foot structure’s interior is lined with hundreds of books housed on its boundless built-in shelves, giving it the feeling and appearance of a quaint little library in the woods. And to further encourage visitors to unplug their phones and connect to a good read instead, the cabin features a little yellow box designed to safely store visitors’ phones out of sight throughout their stay. 

But even if you can’t help yourself, you’ll have a tough time staying glued to your phone as the owners intentionally decided not to install a WiFi connection, so you really have no choice but to take a break from the outside world and dive into your next great read. 


interior view from the bookworm cabin in poland


And the cabin is just as suited for design lovers as it is for bibliophiles, featuring a variety of custom accents, like plywood kitchen cabinetry complete with hand-impregnated microcement. There are also 16-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer abundant natural light as well as expansive views of the idyllic scene outside.  Meanwhile, an Iwaki cast-iron stove keeps the space warm during the area’s frigid winters, while a cozy lofted sleeping area provides a birds-eye view of the cabin’s cozy custom interior. 


sleeping loft in the bookworm cabin in poland


During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy the cabin’s spruce deck, which functions as an extended living room and the ideal space to enjoy a good book with a morning cup of coffee. 

the bookworm cabin in poland


The cabin’s location also contributes to its peaceful vibe, nestled in a lush forest surrounded by sand dunes but only 30 miles away from the conveniences of Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland. 

Whether you’re looking for a solo, book-infused vacation or a romantic couples’ retreat, The Bookworm Cabin can provide the connection to nature and your favorite stories that you’ve been craving. 

Image source: The Bookworm Cabin


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