This Finnish Prototype Might be the Future of Cabin Resorts

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Niliaitta Modern Cabin Resort Finland

Nestled near Finland’s Salamajarvi National Park is a stilted cabin prototype of what will soon be a unique 25-cabin Finnish forest resort. Named Niliaitta, the cabin was designed by Studio Puisto and is meant to be a contemporary iteration of traditional cabins used by the Sami people to store food. 

The design studio created the cabin with careful attention to its uniquely biodiverse locale: “In order to celebrate the nature in the area, aspects such as the spirit of the place, the experience of nature as is, and the sensory experiences and silence of being in nature were all sources of inspiration that guided the overall design process,” the studio said of the prototype.  


Niliaitta cabin resort Finland stilted cabin exterior

The cabin’s stilted design was chosen to minimize its impact on the forest floor, requiring fewer trees to construct while giving visitors an elevated perspective of the surrounding view. Furthermore, the materials used in the prototype are ecological, with wood used on all of the interior surfaces, eco-wool insulation, and a complete lack of plastic anywhere in the cabin. 

Niliaitta modern cabin resort Finland interior bedroom

Inside, visitors will find a floor-to-ceiling window that spans the length of an entire wall, creating an indoor-outdoor experience that further blends the cabin into the surrounding landscape. Pale wood lines the walls, while a sleeping area is intentionally oriented to take in the striking view of the forest. 

Meanwhile, a bathroom and kitchenette are discreetly tucked behind the bedroom, along with the water heater, electrical switchboard, and ventilation unit, to help maintain the cabin’s overall minimal feel. Additionally, the cabin’s pipes and electrical cables run beneath the cabin’s outdoor staircase in a designated enclosure, helping to contribute to the exterior’s pared-back, streamlined design. 


Niliaitta cabin resort location finland

In the coming years, the studio is slated to build 25 of these cabins in this area, along with floating rooms and a sauna, to create a unique resort for anyone who loves nature. And once visitors are done taking in nature from the comfort of their design-forward cabin, they can explore it by foot through the area’s 60km of hiking trails. 

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