Our Best Tips for a Gorgeous Cabin Landscape Design

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Given that cabin living for most of us means forging a deeper connection with nature, it’s only right that you give just as much thought to your cabin’s landscape design as you do to its interior. However, ideating and executing a beautiful landscaping plan can feel a little overwhelming, especially considering that a cabin's aesthetic is often much different than what many of us are used to in suburbia. 

Whether you currently own a cabin you love or you’re planning to buy one in the future, the following cabin landscaping tips are a great way to maximize your cabin’s aesthetic and your connection with nature. 

Consider the Locale

Because many cabins are located in remote, natural locales, cabin landscaping typically looks different than suburban landscaping. Rather than the highly manicured lawns and gardens of suburbia, many cabin dwellers prefer a landscaping style heavily inspired by the cabin’s natural surroundings, so be sure to give that idea some consideration before creating a landscaping plan. 

Know Your Zone

Before you go out buying lots of plants for your landscape, make sure you’re aware of the hardiness zone where your cabin is located. The zone will help guide you toward the plants that are likely to thrive in your area and the ones that won’t tolerate your climate very well. You can check your zone through this resource.

Use Native Plants

Speaking of plants, a surefire way to achieve harmony with your cabin’s natural surroundings is to use lots of native plants, allowing for a bit more overgrowth than you might in a suburban area. Native plants will not only align with the aesthetic of your cabin's natural environment, but they'll also require less maintenance than other types of plants.

Pay Mind to the Seasons

Different plants bloom at different points throughout the year. If you want your landscape to look amazing all year round, you’ll want to make sure you incorporate various plants that bloom and thrive throughout each season. And if you want to keep your maintenance low, then opt for mostly native perennials, which will keep coming back around the same time each year with little to no maintenance on your end. 

Play With Heights

Some of the most compelling cabin landscaping designs feature a variety of different levels, which adds dimension to any look. You can use things like plant height, different-sized boulders, and mounds of topsoil to achieve a varietous, dynamic aesthetic that gives the eye plenty of beauty to take in. 

Think About Shade

If your cabin is located in a climate that can get hot, then you may want to consider adding trees to provide you with plenty of cool shade for the warmer months. In addition to keeping you cool outside, shade-providing trees can help lower your cabin’s electricity bills as well. 

Add Walking Paths

Walking paths are a great way for you to take in all of your hard landscaping work each and every day. Plus, they add a clean, styled look to your landscape design. Natural-looking step stones are a stellar option for this because they add the practicality of a clean pathway without sacrificing an organic feel.

Thinking about buying a cabin or just need a little more cabin landscaping inspo? Our curated list of cabins for sale across the country is just what you need.


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