You Can Take This Beautiful A-Frame Cabin On Your Next Road Trip

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Design firm Bivvi is making it easier than ever to enjoy and honor the outdoors with its sustainable, modular, and movable A-frame cabin design. Dubbed Bivvi Camp, the prefab cabins are designed to be easy to transport while making a minimal impact on the environment.

Bivvi told Designboom that, “What started as plans to build a wilderness hut for friends slowly turned into a business idea. When Bivvi started in 2019, the market was flooded with options for tents, yurts, and trailers. What lacked was a simple, well-designed cabin structure that was comfortable all year round and didn’t involve long and expensive onsite assembly.” 

At approximately nine-feet wide, 12-feet long, and 11-feet tall, the A-frame cabin is big enough to offer plenty of room to relax while being small enough to be legally transported to virtually anywhere you want to take it. In fact, they’re specially designed to ride atop an optional purpose-built trailer, making it easy to take along on your next road trip.

Bivvi modular movable a-frame tow

Beyond being easily transported, the cabins boast a beautiful, sustainable design that’s built to endure all-season weather. Each A-frame comes with natural ventilation openings, full insulation, metal roofing, and a signature triangular picture window. They also feature stained and sealed tongue-and-groove cedar siding and a custom made lock.

Bivvi modular movable a-frame picture window

Even better, you can customize your cabin to make it your own, choosing from pine or plywood interior finishes. Plus, you can choose to incorporate heating, solar power, custom furniture, and electricity, depending on just how luxe you want to make it. 

Bivvi modular movable a-frame roof

Speaking of electricity, the cabins feature on-grid and off-grid electrical packages. The on-grid package will hardwire your cabin so it’s easy to plug into existing shore power, while the off-grid package includes an adaptable power station for more remote excursions. You can also choose whether to buy a permanent foundation or a custom trailer that will make easy work of transporting your A-frame retreat. 

The cabins start at $19,880, depending on the features you get, and can be purchased here.

Love cabin designs? Then check out the A-frame cabin homes for sale in your area. 

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