8 Beautiful Pieces of Rustic Thanksgiving Decor Your Celebration Needs

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give thanks with autumn leaves Thanksgiving tablescape
Featured: Watercolor Turkey Platter

If you’re hosting Turkey Day this year and looking for rustic Thanksgiving decor to make your celebration extra special, then we’ve got you covered. Thanksgiving is all about good food and good family, but we all know that a good tablescape makes us feel just a little more thankful for the beauty in our lives.

Most seasonal decor can last straight through Halloween and all fall season long, but Thanksgiving deserves its own set of special pieces. Curated to match your cabin home or rustic interiors, these pieces of Thanksgiving decor will have a big impact on your big meal, and can be used year after year to become a part of your annual tradition.

Wooden Serving Platter Maple Leaf

maple leaf wooden serving platter thanksgiving dinner table decor

Whether you use this wooden platter as the base for a full charcuterie board or simply a few sides or snacks, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Set up for appetizer hour or displayed on your Thanksgiving dinner table, this sectional serving board instantly makes any side dish appear gourmet.

Fill with a collection of nuts and dried fruits, cheeses, trail mix or any snacks your guests desire!

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Dutch Oven

cast iron pumpkin dutch oven thanksgiving dinner table decor

It doesn’t get much more classic than this Staub 3.5 quart dutch oven in the shape of a rustic burnt orange pumpkin. Functional and beautiful, we know this will become your new fall favorite in the kitchen. From the stovetop straight to the table, this will be a huge conversation starter for your guests.

When you’re not using it to impress on Thanksgiving day, we suggest using it to cook your favorite soups or macaroni and cheese.

Vintage Botanist Drinking Glass Set

vintage botanist drinking glass set thanksgiving dinner table decor

Creating an unforgettable tablescape for Thanksgiving is easy with a stunning set of glasses like this vintage botanist drinking set in a pale green. The beveled decorated glass will add an interesting pop of color and complement any other fall colors beautifully. Made of durable thick glass and decorated in a delicate flower pattern, these glasses are perfect for a quick drink of water or a fall-themed cocktail.

Sagebrook Home Acorn Decor

large acorn thanksgiving dinner table decor

We love the rustic look of this high quality Polyresin acorn. Instead of scattering dozens of small acorns like confetti on your dining room or coffee table, opt for something bigger and better like this piece. It’s got a great color, shape, and large size so it will stand out among your Thanksgiving feast.

Larger pieces of decor will make a bigger impact in your home, and make your job as a host easier!

Mud Pie Watercolor Turkey Platter

watercolor turkey platter thanksgiving dinner table decor

This showpiece turkey platter in a delicate watercolor will not only come in handy when you’re serving up mass quantities of turkey, it will look more and more beautiful as your holiday meal disappears! Big enough to fit a 20 lb turkey, it's perfect if you’re hosting the whole family. 

The orange and blue tastefully play off of each other (pun intended) and you can proudly display this fun and unique platter all season long.

Midsummer Breeze Rustic Gingham Tablecloth

rustic gingham tablecloth thanksgiving dinner table decor

From the warm orange color to the tiny tassels, what’s not to love? A bold yet understated tablecloth like this gingham beauty will draw everyone’s eyes to the main event of the day - your delicious meal!

Fit for a cabin-style Thanksgiving or elevated dinner party, you simply can’t go wrong. Wash, rinse, repeat, and enjoy every year for the holidays.

Amber Glass Bud Vases

amber glass bud vases thanksgiving dinner table decor

Made of tempered, colorful, high-quality glass, these amber vases have a retro art deco style that we think will pair perfectly with your rustic Thanksgiving decor. The vintage design and unique shape will help you create a rich and vibrant ambiance.

You can fill them with dried flowers, fresh blooms, or simple sprigs of green from your yard to add natural color throughout your home. Even outside of Thanksgiving, we think you’ll keep grabbing for these beautiful vases time and again!

Fresh Pumpkins and Gourds

fresh pumpkins and gourds thanksgiving dinner table decor

Ok, so you will have to buy new ones each year but nothing says homegrown like a beautiful and eclectic collection of pumpkins and gourds for the holidays. The colors and textures of these natural vegetables will add a gorgeously rustic touch to your Thanksgiving decor. 

Plus they’re easy to find at just about any grocery store so whenever you remember to pick up a collection you can start your decoration! Most will last up to 3 months so you can display your fall pumpkins and gourds all season long.

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