The Best Off-Grid Security Solutions for Your Cabin Home

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Off the grid security

Though being far from civilization is, to many, the most attractive aspect of off-grid living, it also brings unique security risks. For starters, remote living means that there likely won’t be any witnesses to a threat or attack against you or your property, which is all too appealing to potential criminals. Additionally, many people only use their off-grid cabins during certain times of the year, leaving them empty during other times, which can also make your home a target for criminals. 

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of security measures you can take to protect you and your cabin home. For starters, you should make it as difficult as possible to break into your home. Standard locks are a fine option, but if you want to make it really tough for criminals to break in, then consider adding barricades as well. Locks can be picked or, sometimes, completely overcome by a swift kick. Barricades add an extra element of security that makes it much more difficult to break into your home. 


The Door Bull

Off the grid security door bull

There are several types of barricades on the market, ranging from portable to permanent, so the right option for you depends on your budget and lifestyle. However, the Door Bull is an affordable, unobtrusive option that works with most doors. But keep in mind that if you’re planning to barricade the door when you’re not home, then you’ll still need at least one entry point that’s not barricaded to get back in since barricades must be released from inside of the home.


Defender Security Window Lock

Off the grid security defender window lock

In addition to securing your doors, you’ll also want to secure your windows. Typically, the locks that come with windows won’t do much to keep seasoned intruders out, so consider investing a few dollars in locks like this one from Defender Security, which helps secure both windows and sliding doors. 

Security cameras are another great deterrent for criminals. Sometimes, just the sight of a camera is enough to change an intruder’s mind about breaking into your home. But beyond being visual deterrents, many of the features of popular security cameras can be immensely helpful as well. 


Ring Spotlight Cam

Off the grid security ring spotlight cam

This security camera from Ring will not only record everyone who comes and goes from your property, but it also notifies your phone when it spots someone, allowing you to speak directly to them even if you’re not home. It also features infrared night vision, a floodlight, and an alarm, all of which make a criminal’s job very difficult. 


Solar-Powered Trail Camera

Off the grid security solar trail camera

However, if you don’t have internet access at your cabin, then many smart cameras, like the one from Ring, won’t work. Instead, you can install the motion-activated trail cameras that many hunters and wildlife photographers use. They can take photos and videos of any movement, storing the images on a memory card. And many of them are solar powered, like this option from the My Animal Command Store, so you never have to worry about it losing electrical power or running out of batteries. 

Lastly, it’s a great idea to install some type of alarm system. The system can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, depending on your cabin’s connectivity. If you don’t have the internet, then you can purchase an alarm that connects to nearby cell towers. And even if you don’t have a nearby cell tower, then you can install a cellular transmitter on your property. 


SimpliSafe Home Security System

Off the grid security simpliesafe security system 

This alarm system from SimpliSafe is a great option regardless of whether or not you have internet because it can connect to both WiFi and cellular services. Plus, it features a backup battery. It also comes with motion sensors for your doors and windows, and a panic button that will sound an alarm when activated. Even better, you get the option to add on 24/7 professional monitoring that will automatically contact you and dispatch the police when the alarm is triggered.


While no home can be 100% protected from intruders, strong locks, good security cameras, and a comprehensive alarm system can go a long way in protecting you and your cabin from potential threats. 

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