How To Add a Pop of Color To Your Cabin's Interior

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pop of color cabin interior design

Wondering how to add a pop of color to your cabin interior while keeping your charming style in tact? While natural woods and neutrals are the basic framework of most cabins, they’re not the only tones you can use when it comes to your home’s color palette.

Adding a pop of color will not only add a much needed bit of interest to your cabin, it can also help wood walls and accents stand out even more. Not sure what colors will match best? Here are some of the best colors to incorporate in a cabin and our tips for how to apply them throughout its interior.

What colors look good in a cabin?

a-frame cabin interior with white couch and green plants

  • Red. It’s bold, classic, and will keep your cabin's interior feeling warm and inviting. Whether you opt for a vintage-inspired fire engine red or a rich shade of cognac, red brings out the warmth of wood

  • Green. If you’re all about keeping your cabin serene and relaxing, a shade of green is the perfect pop. We suggest choosing a jewel toned emerald if you’re feeling bold, or a subtle sage green if you want to stay grounded in nature. Nothing matches better with natural wood tones than shades of greenery and live plants. And, a great compliment to green is purple, consider exploring a soft lavender or rich plum. 

  • Yellow. Too bold, you say? Think again. Yellow is a warm tone that will blend perfectly with your cozy cabin design. Try sunflower coloring with rich yellow and brown tones, or currently on-trend hues like rich mustard or golden yellow.

How do I add color to my cabin?

Now that we’ve narrowed down the best colors for your cabin, the next question to answer is how to incorporate these tones into your space. When considering how to effectively add that pop of color to your cabin interior without going overboard, stick to these basic rules to keep your look not only effortless, but timeless as well.

colorful throw pillows and accent blankets for cabin home design

Start small

If you’re worried about adding the right pop of color to your cabin home, then incorporate your color by starting small with accent pillows, rugs, or throw blankets. Starting with these types of accent pieces will help you determine what tones you like best with your current decor, and will allow you to ease yourself into something a bit more bold. 

For most people, starting with small accent pieces rather than adding big pieces of furniture or picking up a paint brush is the best route because it allows you to try out several different colors before committing to an entirely new aesthetic at once.

Paint your accents

If you’re up for it, the most impactful pops of colors in modern cabin design will be painted accents throughout your cabin home. With so many different colors to choose from, you can find the absolute perfect shade by browsing the paint aisle, no matter how picky you are. Or, check out these color palettes inspired by National Parks in the U.S.

cabin with green outdoor paint color accents

Where to paint your pops of color:

Sure, you could paint an accent wall, but according to some designers that's already become a dated trend. So why not switch it up with one of these high impact paint jobs?

  • Front door. There is nothing more charming and welcoming than a front door sporting a fun, stand-out color. Not only does the color of your front door immediately impact your curb appeal, it sets the tone for your whole home. 

  • Shutters. Revitalizing shutters and giving them new life with a fresh coat of paint is an amazing way to spruce up a natural cabin. And if your cabin currently doesn’t have shutters, consider adding some! 

  • The inside of bookshelves. It’s subtle, and it’s a great way to wake up a room without overshadowing your current decor. Of course, you can always just paint the the edges of your bookshelf for a slightly more subtle pop of color. 

  • Kitchen cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a fun way to add originality to your cabin home. If you’re not ready to fully commit, consider two toned kitchen cabinets with a neutral color on top, and a bold color for the bottom.

green kitchen cabinets cabin home interior design

Explore mixed metals

Copper and gold are also classic pops of color that can be incorporated into any room in your cabin. From light fixtures to hardware, consider weaving in a mix of metals and textures to make the corners of your home pop. 

A hammered copper bowl, gold drawer pulls, and matte black light fixtures can blend seamlessly together when curated properly.

cabin interior design using mixed metals and neutral colors

Don’t be afraid

When it comes to adding color to your cabin home, just go for it! Whether it’s a coat of paint or a new throw blanket, there’s nothing to fear. You can always repaint later if your tastes change, or swap out your pieces of decor for something new. Our advice? Just have fun with it. Classic cabins are meant to be whimsical and homemade, not stuffy and serious!

For more interior inspiration, check out our curated list of all cabin homes for sale! There’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing than to see what other homeowners have done to spruce up their spaces.

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