This is How to Achieve a Modern Rustic Aesthetic

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modern rustic interior design

The organic charm of a rustic aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with cabin living. However, the sometimes-heavy and well-worn feel of the look can be a bit much if you’re someone who prefers a more fresh and modern vibe. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose one or the other. 

If you’re looking to merge the cozy, homespun charm of a rustic aesthetic with the fresh, elevated feel of a modern design, then apply the following tips to achieve this design-forward look for your beloved cabin home. 


modern rustic cabin windowsill design

Create Cozy Corners

Identify a few areas of your cabin that lend themselves to cozying up with a good book or a Netflix binge, then fill them with all kinds of cozy accents, like a variety of different textures, candles, and throw pillows and blankets. You can then keep the rest of the home minimal, which will create a nice balance between fresh and airy and ultra-cozy. 

Balance Out the Wood With Light Paint

Wood is a defining characteristic of a rustic aesthetic, and it never fails to add welcoming warmth to a look. But too much wood can feel heavy and overwhelming, so consider balancing your wood accents with clean white walls or another light paint color. 


modern rustic interior living room paint color

Add Modern Art

Adding modern art to the walls is one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly make your cabin home feel more, well, modern. Modern art featuring organic hues, like beige and green, is a stellar option because it will complement an otherwise rustic aesthetic while providing an of-the-now feel. 

Bring in Botanicals

Rustic aesthetics are well-known for their organic look, but that doesn’t mean you need wood-paneled walls to achieve it. Incorporating lots of plants will add a refreshing natural quality to your cabin without the weight that comes with too much wood. 


modern rustic interior design natural accents

Play With Scale

Speaking of weight, the visual weight of your items significantly impacts the overall feel of your design. Too many big, bulky pieces of furniture can easily overwhelm a space, so consider mixing bigger pieces with items that feature pared-back, minimal silhouettes to create a dynamic, balanced look. 

Incorporate Modern Materials, Hardware, and Appliances

There’s something incredibly chic about juxtaposing the high-end look of quartz or marble countertops with the worn, old-world feel of natural wood. But if you don’t want to replace your countertops, you can achieve the same vibe by incorporating modern hardware and/or appliances to balance out a traditional rustic design. 


modern rustic interior design pops of color

Add Pops of Color

Pops of color have a special knack for invigorating any space, but this is especially true in rustic aesthetics. Because rustic looks are traditionally full of neutral, organic colors, mixing in vibrant hues makes a big impact and immediately gives any space a more modern appearance. Throw pillows and blankets are easy ways to achieve this without committing to any color for the long haul. 

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